AMR Antenna & Magnetic Mount for Sensus, Xylem, Neptune, Badger, Master Meter, Zenner. 900 Mhz Automated Meter Reading.

RKIT-AMR-915-5 ("Meter-Max" Kit)
More Info:
The RFMAX "Meter-Max" # RKIT-AMR-915-5 is a Universal AMR Antenna Kit for "drive-by" water meter reading at 900 Mhz. Includes Hi-Gain 900 MHz Antenna with spring base, Heavy Duty Magnetic antenna mount with no-scratch rubber bottom, pull tab, and cable strain relief. Works with ALL major AMR brands. Designed to provide MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE work with VGB (vehicle gateway base-stations) from ANY of the major manufacturers with increased read-range of up to 50% and NO...the cable will NOT break off of the magnetic mount!

Compatible with: 
  • Badger: Orion & Beacon Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Antenna
  • Itron: Mobile FCS, Mobile MC3 & MC4, MC4Max, MC4Pro and MC4Core Drive-By Antenna
  • Kamstrup: READy Converter AMR Antenna
  • Master Meter: Allegro, Dialog 3G Mobile AMR and Harmony Mobile Antenna
  • Mueller: Mi.Net Mobile Transceiver, vehicle based AMR Antenna
  • Neptune: MRX920 & R900 Mobile Data Collector AMR Antenna
  • Sensus / Xylem: Vehicle Gateway Base Station (VGB) Model 4700 AMR Antenna
  • Zenner: Stealth Reader Mobile AMR System Antenna
Universal 900 MHz Antenna & Mag Mount Kit for Drive By Water Meter Reading for AMR / Smart Water Meter Systems. Includes Hi-Gain Antenna for 50-100% more reach and Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount. Equivalent to Master Meter 03-030-021.
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