MIMO/Diversity Omnidirectional Antenna for 4G/LTE

MIMO/Diversity Omnidirectional Antenna for 4G/LTE

A client was recently looking for a new MIMO omnidirectional antenna for 3G/4G/LTE. He expressed his confusion and stated that he was originally looking at EAD’s LMO7270 but hoping to receive other ideas. So we come to the main point of this blog, do we have the EAD’s LMO7270 or an equivalent? Yes.


We offer multiple antennas for your dual 3G/4G/LTE MIMO needs, but the ones we recommend are RFMAX’s RBDM-44-SS-6 and RBMM-44-SS-6.

RBDM-44-SS-6 is RFMAX’s direct mount MIMO 3G/4G/LTE/Diversity LTE cellular antenna. With dimensions of 7.9 in x 3.5 in x1.8 in, it’s a compact and ultra-rugged antenna designed for M2M machine-to-machine applications. Our ‘brick” antenna s easy to install using the heavy-duty threaded stud mount, which in the end makes it 10% vandal proof. With an IP rating of 67, this product can withstand high volumes of dust and the effects of immersion in water at a depth of 15cm-1m for 30 minutes. This antenna comes with a 6ft low loss cable with SMA connectors.


This product is also available as an easy to install the magnetic mount, see part # RBMM-44-SS-6.


Note: If these suggestions don’t help you find what you are looking for you can take a look at the other MIMO LTE antennas we have to offer by clicking here.


For further information regarding the application of this product, you can always reach out to our tech support!

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