Magnetic Mount for Cradlepoint IBR900

Magnetic Mount for Cradlepoint IBR900

Q) Do you carry a magnetic mount antenna for the Cradlepoint IBR900 with GPS + Dual Cellular + Dual Wi-Fi?

A) We certainly can provide a magnetic mount antenna(s) for the IBR900. We have two options that we can convey to you all.



Our first option is RFMAX’s “brick” antenna RBMM-G44WW-17-SSSRR-B. It’s a compact, low profile, ultra-rugged magnetic antenna that’s designed for M2M machine-to-machine applications. It’s optimized for Cradlepoint: IBR1100, IBR900. Sierra Wireless: GX450. PepLink: Max BR1 Pro, Max TST. Motorola: VML750.  Netcom Wireless: NTC-1410W. Maestro Wireless: E220.



Our second and final option Is RFMAX’s black Five-in-One Vehicular antenna G44WW-17SSSRR. It’s a versatile roof mount with 1 x GPS element + 2 x 3G/4G/LTE + 2 x Wi-Fi/ WLAN elements for enhance cellular and Wi-Fi MIMO performance. It’s ideal for transmitting video and other mission-critical information through LTE channels while access GPS enabled services. This product is also available in white as G44WW-17SSSRR-WHT.

Note: This antenna is a direct mount antenna so you would have to purchase a magnetic mount, part # G44-HDMM.


For further information regarding the application of this product, you can always reach out to our tech support!

Tech Help at RFMAX / can be reached by email at