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Difference between Part # RDA698/2700SSM and RDA698/2700-1-SSM

Difference between Part # RDA698/2700SSM and RDA698/2700-1-SSM

Q) What is the difference between part numbers RDA698/2700SSM and RDA698/2700-1-SSM?
A) Firstly, I want to pose a question. Will you need to pass any carrier certification testing for your device? If you do need a certification, it leads me to the main difference between the two antennas. Part # RDA698/2700SSM does not have a high enough “efficiency” to pass the testing that AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint require. On the other hand, part # RDA698/2700-1-SSM is recommended if you plan on receiving a carrier certification. This antenna costs a bit more but will easily pass the carrier test for all brands. Below you will find a difference in the construction of each antenna.

RDA698/2700SSM RDA698/2700-1-SSM
 Height / Length (inches)  9  Height / Length (inches)  8.8
 Height / Length (mm)  228  Height / Length  229
 Width (inches)  0.94  Width (inches)  1.2
 Width (mm)  23.8  Width (mm)  30.5
 Weight (lbs)  0.07 lbs  Weight (lbs)  0.07 lbs


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